Valentin-napi vacsora a Japanikában

Valentin-napi vacsora a Japanikában


Once upon a time lived a very brave samurai in Japan, whose name was Japa. He was famous around the globe for his fiery temper, strong sword and beautiful body. Everyone who lived in Japan knew his name, and were no one to be such brave to fight this invincible samurai at the battlefield – he could beat anyone with his eyes closed. His glory was well-known and goes before he step in town. His beautiful head with long hair was proudly raised, and all women were in love with him and were very happy even if one of his eyes happens to look upon them.

So that happened on a beautiful day in February. He had a good fight and he killed a lot of enemies, and now it was time for entertainment with his friends, who prepared a great present for him. The most beautiful, wonderful and desirable… Geisha Nika. Nika was the best of the best and men were willing to die just to see her beautiful white shoulder for one moment.

When the brave Japa saw the beautiful Nika, he became speechless, and his hands lifting the sake to his mouth froze in the air. He stood like a statue, than something unseen started to push him in the direction of Nika. The geisha took his arm with her small, fragile hand, and led him out from the room, then they got away from the prying eyes...

So that’s how the legendary story of Japa and Nika began, and still did not end. AND YOUR LOVE STORY?

Recall your story and the best moments you had together on the feast of love: on 14 February a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner wait for you in Japanika.

MYRA Monoka provides the romantic background music.


(The couple menu contains 10 dishes, which come in pairs 5 times, so you may change, eat from the same bowl or feed each other as you like.):

1. Tempura fried vegetables + 2. Wakame salad
3. Spicy shrimp and calamari snacks + 4. Tuna tataki
5. Valentini sushi-selection + 6. Hot, unfiltered sake
7. Beef fillet steak with Asian sauce + 8. Homemade Asian noodles with nori
9. Sweet fruits + 10. Truffle selection

Price: 9.990 HUF / person

ATTENTION! Due to the strong interest, please book a table by calling +36 (1) 613 1508 or write us a message to!