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The history of Japanika started in 2004 winter in Tel Aviv, when a young couple started their first sushi bar at Dizengoff avenue, which crosses the whole city. Throughout the years Japanika grow out as a fast-food restaurant chain, which had a presence at all over Izrael, and in 2016 it managed to cross the border of Europe, too. Their first European restaurant was opened in the heart of Budapest, near the Bazilika, which is mixing the asian traditional kitchen with our capital cities style and dinamic, always keeping in mind Japanika’s main principles: fresh materials, quality food, clean design, available prices.

The opening of Japanika was preceded with 4 years of preparation. The leader of the restaurant, who originally has a diploma in environmental research, and also has more than 10 years of experience in hospitality, Kinga Somogyi, got to know about the far East cuisine and Japanika’s fast food restaurant ways of working in Japan and in Izrael, while she was studying in these countries.

The management was also trying to be very multicoloured while they were recruiting Japanika Budapest’s 20 employees, and the final result is a multi-national, highly qualified and in the same time very open and direct team.


Japanika’s menu is the same colourful as it’s team: next to the sushi made for the taste of European people, it also offers thai pastas, soups, grill food, coctails made from unique ingredients from the East and from traditional Japanese drinks, and also very delicious desserts with good music and a spacious terrace, which is open every day of the week. From noon until 15:00 we also offer a three-course Business Lunch which is a very special one in the menus for noon: you can choose from more than 30 courses for yourself for a much lower cost then the other places offer in the area.

The Japanika is more than a restaurant: it’s a meeting point, which has an athmosphere that takes you away, it’s a cosy bar, which gives home to the night adventurers, too. Diverse programs, wide range of foods, tematical weeks or nights, live music, DJ-s – a place, which finds it’s ways to everybodies hearts!




salmon cheese

Raw salmon, avocado, mozarella, and chives fried in tempura

4290.- Ft

wall street

Smoked salmon, raw salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber topped with basil tempura with basil mayo

4790.- Ft

salmon mango

Mango, cream cheese and kiwi topped with smoked salmon

3990.- Ft

colorful japanika

Tuna, salmon, shrimp, mizuma salad, beetroot tempura, served wit basil mayonnaise sauce

6290.- Ft


Seasonal offer

Avocado tempura with spicy mayo

2990.- Ft


Mixed salad with mint, coriander, cucumber, red onion, fresh celery with roasted beef marinated in ponzu sauce and
freshly squeezed lime juice, with a touch of chilli.

3990.- Ft

Delightful Blossom 2990.-

6 pieces of I/O maki with creamcheese, asparagus tempura, cucumber and topped with chives, spicy surimi, spicy sriracha and sesame seeds

2990.- Ft

Here Comes the sun

8 pieces of I/O futomaki with surimi, Hungarian red pepper, carrot, green onion, cucumber and topped with avocado, curry sauce and beetroot tempura crumbs

3590.- Ft

Pad Ka Pao 5590.-

Beef fillet stripes with spicy sauce, basil, mint and garlic, lazered on steamed rice with sunny side up on top

5590.- Ft

Pad Ki Mao

Wok fried rustic rice noodles with chopped beef fillet, mushroom, basil, broccoli and chilli

5990.- Ft



Rice noodle with egg, cabbage, carrot, mung bean, green onion, peanuts, cilantro

3990.- Ft


Tempura fried chicken, tofu or cod tempura and sweet sauce with kashew and vegetables, served with steamed rice

5990.- Ft


Combination of green curry, coconut milk, herbs, with broccoli, spring onion, mushroom, green pepper, served with udon noodle

4490.- Ft